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The house has four double rooms, two bathrooms with a shower, kitchen, dining room and living room. On the pation behind the house is a hot tub and barbeque. The hot tub is ready when you get here and it is not neccesery to empty it when you leave.
The cottage is only 90 min drive from Reykjavík Capital.
A great house for a big family or two families.

Good to know

Check-in time: 14:00
Registered: 17 Dec 2013
Last update: 17 Jan 2023
Size: 100 m2
Check-out time: 12:00
Minimum stay: 2 nights
Location of keys: Lækjamót



  • 8x Single bed

Cancellation policy


A reservation can be cancelled with 14 days or more prior to the scheduled arrival date and 100% of the full rental price will be repaid.

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4 Reviews

Maja Vilstrup
16 Nov 2021

Rakel Júlía Jónsdóttir
11 Feb 2020
Ég átti yndislega stund með vinum í bústaðnum. Allt mjög hreint , snyrtilegt og kósý. 100 % þjónusta
Ég þakka kærlega fyrir mig :)

Inga Bj?rk Vilhj?lmsd?ttir
25 Sep 2019
Stór bústaður í fallegu umhverfi. Of lítill heitapottur miðað við fjölda gesta. Bakaraofn erfiður í gang, annar sturtuklefinn farinn að bila og gaskútar við grill búnir. Þægileg rúm og flest í góðu standi.

Sigrún Gunnarsdóttir
21 Aug 2017
The cottage is located at a very beautiful spot and we realy enjoyed the wonderful environment.missing. The bedrooms are nice, clean and comfortable. So are the bathrooms.
Some comments:
1) The dining table was nice but one of the eight chairs was not comfortable, a cover/pillow. Would be very nice to a chair for a child available (one or two).
2) The hot tub is too small for a house of eight and it needed better cleaning, lot of sand in it when we arrived.
3) I would also recommend there was a key available for the house, it makes the stay more relaxed if you plan to take a short trip during your stay.
4) The living room would benefit if the sofa and the chairsto be in better conditions and I would recommend it allowed seating for eight persons.
5) We used the GPS coordinate provided but it directed us to a wrong road. The directions at the webpage need to be updated.
6) The outdoor furniture need repairment (the table and some of the chairs).The out door grill was not clean when we arrived.
In summary, a very nice spot and a nice house but the facilities need better care to meet the standards given.