Terms for Owners.

By accessing and using this Site, you agree to each of the terms and conditions set forth herein ("Terms of Use"). The following terms apply to the owners of bungalows that want to introduce their bungalow on Bungalo´s webpage and/or use it´s booking system when renting the bungalow. The terms apply to usage of the web along with the condition of the bungalows and information posted on the webpage by owners.

The following concepts will be used in these terms:
User: A bungalow renter who wants to register his bungalow to Bungalo´s database. In case a renter wants to use Bungalo´s service for the sole purpose of releasing a classified ad concerning his bungalow on Bungalo´s webpage, chapter 4 of these terms does not apply but other terms apply nevertheless. In case a renter wants to use Bungalo´s booking service, the terms as a whole apply.
Bungalo: Bungalo ehf., kt. 540710-0230, Borgartún 29, 105 Reykjavík, owner and operator of the web: www.bungalo.is.
Tenant: A user of the website that rents a property using Bungalo webpage and database.
Bungalow: A product listed on Bungalo website by a user for rental purposes.
Host: A user of Bungalo.com who lists a product for commercial purposes.
Website: www.bungalo.com

1. Description of the service

Bungalo offers an electronic booking service. The service provides a chance for owners to register their bungalows in the system on their own. Bungalo operates the booking system and management of the rental service.

2. Registration of users, use of the web and responsibility for content.

2.1 General: By signing up as a user of the website Bungalo, the user agrees to respect the rules and terms of Bungalo, along with any changes that may occur in the future. The user undertakes an obligation to observe and follow these possible changes, but the terms will be accessible at any time on Bungalo´s webpage. If Bungalo executives believe that a user has somehow violated the terms or Bungalo page, then Bungalo reserves the right to block the user´s access and deny him access to services from then on.
2.2 Responsibility: The user is entirely responsible for all content that he posts on Bungalo´s webpage. The user realizes that Bungalo does not examine the material posted on the web in advance and the user is responsible for the content posted. The user shall register the requested information to Bungalo´s webpage and guarantees that the information is correct.
2.3 E-mail: When a user logs on to Bungalo´s webpage, he must give up an active e-mail address. If the user changes his e-mail address, he must let Bungalo know about the changes. In addition, users need to update any additional personal information on the site, when updates occur.
2.4 Password: A user´s password is not to be shared with anyone and the user is responsible for preserving the password.
2.5 Newsletter: A user gives Bungalo permission to e-mail him updates and news in the form of a newsletter.

3. Registration of a bungalow

3.1 General: By registering a bungalow on the website Bungalo, the bungalow will be accessible to users of Bungalo and is promoted for renting. Bungalo´s service is designed for short-term rent the assets that come under the term bungalow are houses, cottages, holiday-houses, huts or other similar premises. Bungalo does not, however, properties for long-time renting and reserves the right to refuse registration of assets in their booking system if the property does not meet the conditions above. Bungalo reserves the right to remove the registered owners of bungalows and deny them access to services on the website if Bungalo believes that a user has somehow violated Bungalo or its users.
3.2 Images: By downloading images to Bungalo´s website, the user agrees to Bungalo´s full rights to use the images free of charge, for brochures, advertisements and other news material used in Bungalo´s marketing.
3.3. Information: The user guarantees that the information he downloads to database concerning his bugalow is correct and that the objects and the characteristics described therein are available and useful to the tenants.

4. Renting out a bungalow

4.1. Proxy from the owner: The user gives Bungalo the authority to rent out his bungalow. By doing so, he gives Bungalo permission to make rental contracts, using its system and/or database according to these terms and in accordance with the information and price the owner specifies and introduces. Bungalows will not be rented out to individuals younger than 22. years old. Bungalo sends a notification to the owner of the bungalow each time it is rented out through Bungalo´s booking system.
4.2 General: At the start of the rental period, the bungalow shall have been cleaned. The bungalow shall include facilities, sufficient to keep a simple home, such as furniture, kitchen and bath implements and a sleeping facility. Footage of the bungalow should be updated as changes occur (Renewal of Furniture, additions, etc.) The bungalow shall be properly labeled and a detailed route description should be available. In the "description of the dwelling" on Bungalo´s website, there must be a statement of whether the beds and pillows are provided.
4.3 Delivery & return: The bungalow should be available from 16:00 on the agreed day of rental and the owner of the bungalow shall deliver the keys to the bungalow or have them accessible from that time. The bungalow must be returned at. 12:00 at the agreed return date. If the bungalow is not returned in time, the owner is responsible for getting the tenant to leave the bungalow.
4.4 Payment: Bungalo accepts payments through the booking system from tenants. Payments are withdrawn from the tenant´s credit card and Bungalo keeps the amount on deposit accounts in its portfolio until the bungalow has been returned. Bungalo pays the owners at the beginning of each month for revenues that have developed when the tenant has stayed in the rented bungalow. If the payment will take interest rates from the time Bungalo recieves it until it is paid the owner of the house, these interest rates will belong to Bungalo.
4.5 Commissions: Bungalo takes a 15% matching fee plus applicable taxes when a booking is confirmed. Bungalo’s commission fee is deducted from the amount paid by Bungalo to the owner of a bungalow under Section 4.4. Bungalo’s commission fee shall be paid even if the bungalow’s owner has to repay the tenant in whole or in part, and is nonrefundable based on the time of confirmation and in accordance with our cancellation policy.
4.6 Double bookings: A bungalow owner that uses Bungalo´s booking system can book his bungalow on his own without paying Bungalo any commission. The owner is however obligated to book simultaneously on Bungalo´s website. Otherwise there is a possibility a double booking takes place. The booking placed earlier in the booking system is the one that holds and is valid.
4.7 Damage: Bungalo is not responsible for any damage or decrease of a bungalows value that might be caused by a tenant or other reasons during rental time.
4.8 Withdrawal: In case an owner wants to remove his bungalow from Bungalo´s booking system, he should report it via e-mail or other verifiable means and the bungalow will be removed from Bungalo´s website after that.
4.9 Cancellation: : Cancellation must be reported to Bungalo or to the host of the property via e-mail or other verifiable means. Bungalo allows hosts to choose between three standardized cancellation policies: Flexible, Moderate and Strict.
Flexible:A reservation can be cancelled with 72 hours (3 days) or more prior to the scheduled arrival date and 100% of the full rental price will be repaid.
Moderate:A reservation can be cancelled with 14 days or more prior to the scheduled arrival date and 100% of the full rental price will be repaid.
Strict:A reservation can be cancelled 30 days or more prior to the scheduled arrival date and 80% of the rental price will be repaid.

5. Intellectual property

All information, data and materials presented on Bungalo website www.bungalo.com, including but not limited to names, logos, and the layout of the website, are subject to copyright, trade mark rights, database rights and/or other intellectual property rights. You may only use those information, data and materials as strictly required for your permitted personal, non-commercial purposes. Any other use of the information, data, materials, without Bungalo prior written consent, is prohibited and will constitute a breach of these Terms and Conditions and may infringe Bungalo intellectual property rights. In the event of such a breach, we reserve our right to apply all applicable legal action and proceedings without further notice

6. Confirmation of terms

Confirmation of this Agreement and terms is in accordance with paragraphs 1 and 2. Article 10. Act. 30/2002,. By accepting the these terms, the tenant confirms that he has read them and agrees to them. The tenant will be sent an electronic confirmation of the booking in which information on where to find the terms is included. In accordance with paragraph 1. of Article 9. Act. 30/2002 Bungalo as a service provider points out that the company retains a copy of these terms. The terms are accessible in the user´s personal space on Bungalo´s website. Bungalo works in accordance with the ethical code of the Icelandic Federation of Trade and Services, on electronic transactions which is accessible on the Federation´s webpage.

7. Court cases

Legal issues that may arise due to these conditions, or the communication of a tenant and Bungalo shall be brought before the District Court.