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We offer you stay in our Guesthouse in Brunalaug.The location is only 12km south of Akureyri wich was noted a top location by Lonely Planet. Our pin points are ´65°33,882´N, 18°4,265W at road number 823. Here is peaceful and quiet, you will hear no traffic noise from the nearby road. Many types of birds are to see during spring and summer

In our Guesthouse you will find two double rooms , as well as one single, a crib and baby carriage. There are beds for seven people.
There are two double rooms, one single room and in the living room is sofa.
Two bathrooms are in the house, thereof one with a shower. A good and well equipped kitchen is in the house. Outside is a veranda with gas-grill and hot-tub. You will find map of information about us, our neighborhood and next communities in the Guesthouse in Icelandic and English. On the next farm, Brúnir is a gallery and Cafe. The swimming pool is at the other side of the river, as well as Christmas garden.
In Akureyri you will find hospital, shops, library, swimming pools, museums among other things to do and see.
It´s possible to buy the farms production, sweet pepper, chili and during summertime cucumber and parsley. There we don´t take credit cards.

It would be fine if you send us email concerning the booking so we will be able to send you email confirming your booking.

Please note that the property is only rented out to people aged 25 years or older.

Welcome to North.

Greeting from Anna and Gísli

Good to know

Check-in time: 16:00
Registered: 25 Jun 2012
Last update: 27 Sep 2020
Check-out time: 12:00
Minimum stay:
 2 nights (Summer)
 1 nights (Winter)
Location of keys: Contact owner for keys



  • 1x Single bed
  • 1x Twin bed
  • 1x Double sleeping sofa
  • 1x Bunk bed for 2

Cancellation policy


A reservation can be cancelled with 14 days or more prior to the scheduled arrival date and 100% of the full rental price will be repaid.
Anna Sigridur

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9 Reviews

Elín Ósk Hreiðarsdóttir
02 Jul 2019

Margrét Erla Guðmundsdóttir
25 Mar 2019

Response from Anna Sigridur Petursdóttir
Thank you
Kærar þakkir
15 Nov 2018
Frábær bústaður og staðsetning. Hlýlegt viðmót

Response from Anna Sigridur Petursdóttir
Kærar þakkir fyrir frábært review
Birgit Treiber
11 Sep 2018

Response from Anna Sigridur Petursdóttir
Thank you
Nacho Rri
11 Oct 2016
Great Experience at Annas place, she was very charming and extremely helpful. the Cottage has plenty of room for big groups, and much more facilities that we need.
Place to recommend!

Response from Anna Sigridur Petursdóttir
Thank you so very much for such a fine review
Alice Nielsen
20 Aug 2013
Very nice place. Clean and tidy, good beds and everything else that we needed. Especially we enjoyed the baths in the outdoor hot tub.
Very sweet and hospitable hostess who gave us a fascinating tour of his greenhouse and we got tasted the good quality products here.
We would highly recommend the place to others.

15 Jul 2013
Snyrtilegt og gott hús að vera í.
Mætti eitra fyrir húsflugum.

09 Aug 2012
A spacy and very clean house, well equipped, 2 nice bath rooms, kitchen with all you need and located in nice surroundings and close to Akureyri. A very friendly and helpful host makes me clearly recommend this place.

Jónína Blöndal
28 Jul 2012
Brúnalaug er mjög vel staðsett, umhverfið fallegt og allt þar til sóma, eigendurnir yndislegt fólk, sem tóku mjög vel á móti okkur.
Allt mjög til fyrirmyndar. 4 stjörnur frá okkur.
Takk fyrir grænmetissendinguna á hurðarhúninum, hún kom skemmtilega á óvart