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We respect your privacy. You have placed your trust in us by using our website and we value that and want to show you how we try to repay that trust. In this following document we have put down information to help you understand how Bungalo seeks to safeguard your privacy and personal information on our website. We describe how we collect, use and secure your personal data. We hope you don't fall asleep midway through while reading this “very entertaining” material.
By downloading, accessing or using our website or providing information to us in connection with our website, you agree to the terms and condition of this Privacy Policy.

If you are interested in our terms of service, then you can read them here

What data do we collect?

When you register on our website, we ask for basic information such as your name, email address, gender and other information, such as phone number, nationality and date of birth. If you register your account using Facebook, we may also collect information such your Facebook email address and Facebook username.

When you visit our website, our web server automatically recognizes and collects your IP address, which is assigned by your Internet Service Provider and does not identify you personally. Along with that we collect the date and time you accessed our services, the hardware, software or internet browser you use and information about your computer's operating system, like application version and your language settings.

For you to purchase any of the product or list a product for sale on our website then it is necessary for you to disclose personal information, such as your name, email address, phone number, date of birth, nationality and payment information. If you do not provide this information when buying one of our products or listing a product, we cannot fulfil your desired action of selling or buying from our marketplace.

Your contribution on the website can be done in several different ways. For example, by writing a review, uploading photos, filling out your public profile. We may store these contributions (your “content”) and display them to other user’s and use them for promotional purposes. Note, that we are not responsible for the information you choose to include in your content.

How we use your personal information

We use your personal information in several different ways to make sure your get a tailored experience on our website. The ways we use your information are for example to provide you with information about our products, send you emails regarding our products and information and to ensure you are correctly billed. As well to track demographic details about our customers and to target content on our website to more closely match your interests.

We share certain information about you with our service partners (Host of a property). Dependent on what your interaction are with our partners, such as message or a purchase. For messages they only receive your name and cover photo. If you complete a purchase then the host of the property will receive your identity information such as name, phone number, email, nationality and date of birth. All that information is shared so the host of the property can contact you more easily with information regarding your stay. The same applies to a host of property, the buyer is going to receive information about the host, such as name, phone number, email, address and GPS location of the property.
We might also share personal information about you with third parties to provide us with marketing and data reporting services, who are bound by an obligation of confidentiality and with other third party marketing partners. These third party marketing partners help us measure the quality of our marketing strategy and how visitors use our website. We do not sell or rent your personal data to other third parties for their marketing use.

Our security and storage measures

We put our full efforts into maintaining the integrity and the security of your personal information. We use industry-standard encryption protocols when receiving and transferring your personal information. We require that a secure session is established when you send personal information to us over the internet by using a Secure Socket Layer (SSL).

We seek to store your personal information in secure operating environment that are not accessible to public and to have security measures in place at out physical facilities to protect against the loss, misuse or alteration of your personal information by our employees or third parties.

Note, that no data transmission over the internet or data storage environment can be guaranteed to be 100% secure. Therefore, we cannot give an absolute assurance that the information can always be secure. Bungalo is not responsible for events arising from unauthorized access to your personal information. If you notice unusual experience on our website that indicate a breach into your personal information, then we rely on you to inform us about that. If we see that you have a valid point regarding a breach, we will go ahead and investigate whether a breach was made related to the data transmission from or to your account and inform you what measures will be taken in regard to resolve the issue.

For your payment information, we use the payment provider Valitor as a gateway solution for payments. Valitor is an international payment solutions company located in Iceland. Valitor provides our clients as well as us, with the highest security possible for making an online transaction.

Changes to our Privacy Policy:

Our aim for the company is to continue to evolve as we set our goals high for next years. With new extensions and upgrades to the website our Privacy Policy needs to be reviewed and revised. We reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy by posting the changes to its website.

Who controls the data:

Búngaló ehf, located in Reykjavik, Iceland, is the owner of and controls the processing of personal data on it websites. If you have any questions regarding our Privacy policy, then please don´t hesitate to contact us.

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