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54m2 cottage in a secluded spot just 5min drive from Egilsstaðir in an area
ranging from a lakeside beach through forest bushes and heaths up to cliffs and rocky hills good for hiking..
The cottage includes 2 bedrooms, one with double bed,the second with 3 berths. 2 can sleep in sofa in the living room. Bathroom with shower. Kitchen well equipped. Gas stove and gas heating plus a fireplace. Electricity 12V (solar cell). Barbecue on terrace.
Owner lives in a cottage 200m away.

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Komutími: 16:00
Skráð: 02 Apr 2017
Síðast uppfært: 04 Oct 2019
Útritunartími: 12:00
Lágmarksnætur: 2 nætur
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Ef afpöntun er gerð með meira en 30 dögum fyrir áætlaðan komudag, þá fæst 80% endugreiðsla af heildarverði.
Magnus Rafn

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10 Sep 2020
Flottur staður,,,Eigandi kom eins og skot ef eitthvað var að,og var mjog indæll,,mæli með þessum stað,,Frabært svæði ,bara allt gott um þetta að segja.Takk fyrir okkur.

Sigurður Tómas Sigfússon
10 Sep 2020
Þessi bústaður er með sál gamall og flottur vel við haldinn og einn af fáum sem er orginal ég mun gista aftur þarna .

Ingólfur Jóhannsson
26 Aug 2020

Michael Melzer
24 Aug 2020
The right place to spend a few days at a real beautiful spot in east Iceland.

?ris Hafberg
13 Aug 2020

27 Jul 2020
Une maison au calme avec une vue magnifique sur le lac.
Tout était parfait pour explorer la région.

Floris van moppes
13 Jul 2020
We spent almost a week in Klettakot. The cottage is beautifully situated between trees, bushes, flowers, berries.....and has a great view over Lagarfljot and the mountains. The tranquillity was amazing.

We didn't miss WiFi, TV and other devices, but fully enjoyed the calm atmosphere.
The owner was friendly and helpful.
It is difficult to rate in stars, as for us, the location and tranquillity would be a 5 stars rating. For other people the missing of Internet etc. might make them chose a different rate.

18 Sep 2019
A little dream at the edge of the lake.
Very cozy and cute.
Our stay was comfortable and functional. We met a very rainy period so the solar pannel couldn't work and the host did everything to permit us to stay warm and well.

PERRIN Anne-Laure
09 Sep 2019
We falled in love with this cottage... It was our best experience... Magnus is so friendly and prevenent... He came to see if everything was OK. The view on the lake is amazing ... Thank you Magnus !!!

05 Sep 2019
Great view, charming cottage

Anneke van Veen
08 Aug 2019
Nice cottage as long as you can do without superfluous luxury as dishwashers etc. as the house is on 12V. Great privacy, perfect view. No IKEA type of kitchen utensils but heavy, cast iron, pans, which make cooking really fun.

Gregory Bar
17 Jul 2019
We had a very good time here. It is hidden in the forest in front of the lake with magnificent views. The road to get there is a bit bumpy and it would be difficult to access it with a normal car. It is perfect for retreats from city life. Would love to come back for longer stay.

Mauerhofer Manuela
08 Jul 2019
We enjoyed our stay in this cottage out in the countryside with a beautiful view over the lake, in the middle of all the trees! The equipment of the house is a bit older, but it has everything you need (gas to operate everything like fridge, stove, warm water and electricity). Surrounding: don't miss the bakery ("Bakari") coming from Klettakot on the left side just before crossing the bridge to Egilsstadir.

Anteo Leino
08 Aug 2018
We had an excellent stay in this beautiful cottage!

Jelena Pahhutko
23 Jul 2018
Cozy cottage with tremendous view. You can enjoy mountains and river in the window all day around (at summer time).
Comfortable house, good kitchen with all you need except toster. Be ware - it is lack of electricity but we managed to charge our devices by proper ordering.
Surrounding is nice and pictorial. Grill is on the terrace to cook icelandic lamb meat. Besides we found the mushrooms in the nearest forest and had perfect dinner.
The host is very friendly and supporting.

Franzis Schipper-Boerrigter
17 Jul 2018
As we drove upon the hill, there was a small road that we had to drive. That was the first thing we?d loved. Than we saw the cabin and it?s magnificent view. The cabin has all things you need. It?s not very modern, but we felt very welcomed and warm. We were in love when we saw it.

Margot Pons Espo
27 Jun 2018
Nice place, very cozy and quiet house. It also has a gas barbecue. Highly recommended.

Guðmundur Óli Gunnarsson
03 Jul 2017