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This cottage has a guest-house, hot-tub and a sauna. The main house has 2 bedrooms a bathroom, kitchen and a living room. The guesthouse has 1 bedroom a bathroom a little kitchen and a living room whit a sleeping couch. Both houses has tv's and refrigerators. There are towels for every guest.
The cottage is 5 minuets from a town that has a atm ,a grocery store and a swimming pool. The airport is 12 minuets away and 10km. You can check out the volcano and go to the blue-lagoon witch is 32 minuets or 34km away.

Good to know

Check-in time: 13:00
Registered: 17 Jul 2021
Last update: 06 Jan 2022
Size: 100 m2
Check-out time: 23:00
Minimum stay: 2 nights
Location of keys:



  • 3x Double bed
  • 1x Crib
  • 1x Single sleeping sofa
  • 1x Double sleeping sofa

Cancellation policy


A reservation can be cancelled with 72 hours (3 days) or more prior to the scheduled arrival date and 100% of the full rental price will be repaid.
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