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Our house is a modern house with all the luxury you would expect in a modern Icelandic home. We have 2 beadrooms, that sleeps 4 in comfort on good and cosy beds. Our ultra modern kitchen is fully equipped, clean and spacious. Our living room and kitchen are in one big open space and the view from there is brethtaking. I guarantee that cooking will be a slow prosess as one keeps staring out the window and forgetts all about the task at hand.
We provide a washing machine and indoor laundry cabels, for drying wet laundry.
The garage is not included as I keep my personal belongings in there during your stay. That said we hope that you and your family will enjoy our little collection of local art and paintings. Almost all paintings in the house are from local artist our friends or close relatives. Please enjoy respectfully.

Good to know

Check-in time: 16:00
Registered: 28 Feb 2016
Last update: 18 Nov 2020
Size: 198 m2
Check-out time: 12:00
Minimum stay:
 3 nights (Summer)
 2 nights (Winter)
Location of keys: Contact owner for keys



  • 2x Double bed

Cancellation policy


A reservation can be cancelled 30 days or more prior to the scheduled arrival date and 80% of the rental price will be repaid.
Adalsteinn ( Steini )

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