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Lovely little Cottage by the Ólafsfjarðarlake.
It is located around 4.5 km away from Ólafsfjörður.
IN the cottage there is a kitchen 2 bedrooms, sleeping loft and a bathroom.

A good porch is around the cottage and gives you a wonderful viewing point over the lake and the town.

Good to know

Check-in time: 16:00
Registered: 27 Jan 2018
Last update: 28 Mar 2020
Size: 38 m2
Check-out time: 12:00
Minimum stay: 2 nights
Location of keys: Í lyklahúsi



  • 1x Double bed
  • 1x Bunk bed for 3
  • 4x Mattresses

Cancellation policy


A reservation can be cancelled 30 days or more prior to the scheduled arrival date and 80% of the rental price will be repaid.
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5 Reviews

PERRIN Anne-Laure
09 Sep 2019
we had a great experience thank you so much !!!!

Bodil Haar
02 Aug 2019

Lucie Maltais
15 Jul 2019

Ilse de bosscher
27 Jun 2019

the cabin is situated in a beautiful location but the photo from the outside does not match the photo on the website. the seat in the living room is dirty and the mattresses don't look too hygienic. the garbage bin was overflowing. The house was clean, the bathroom also but a bit sad that those two points made our stay less enjoyable. Not suited for 6 persons as marked on the website.

Atli þorsteinsson
14 Jun 2018
Þetta var þægilegur og góður staður til að vera á, hænurnar full ágengar en þær og endurnar gerðu staðinn bara heimilislegri.