The iPhone Guide to Iceland

Have you seen that gorgeous photo shoot that Austin Mann did for The Verge?

To test out the photo capabilities of the swank new iPhones on the market Mann travelled to the very photogenic country of Iceland and captured some amazing shots. While Mann’s goal was to show off the photographic abilities of Apple’s new gadget, the snaps also highlight the undeniable beauty of this country.

And, word to the wise, the shots captured for the photo test are not in hard-to-access spots that only professional photographers and media folk would have the means to visit. In fact, you can get to them very easily from your nearby, warm and cozy, Icelandic summerhouse.

So where did Mann test out the new iPhone?

This gorgeous waterfall is a staple of any South Coast road trip. It’s immediately off the famed and well-traveled Route 1 and is well worth the pit stop. The chute is just shy of 130 km south-east of Reykjavík and, on account of the serenity of the entire area, in the epicentre of a summerhouse hot-spot.



This is the least accessible of the spots featured in The Verge’s article. Markafljótsgljúfur is slightly inland of Route 1, nearby the popular Þórsmörk. Even though it’s still not far from the capital and not really far off the beaten path, you won’t be able to check out this gem outside for the summer tourist season. That’s not a bad thing, though, as the emerald moss and lichen that comes alive during the summer on the rocky faces of the canyon, is a big draw and something that you’d miss out on if the area were accessible in the more monotonous winter months.


We’ve covered Jökulsárlón before. Why bother with the repeat? Well, other than the fact that Mann took the iPhone on tour to the glacier lagoon, it’s just worth repeating. It’s a must see on any trip to Iceland with the time to allow a visit. The drive to the lagoon is a treat in and of itself. The south coast is stunning and diverse, and as you approach Jökulsárlón the tongues of Vatnjökull often spill down so close to Route 1 that it is, literally, overwhelming to behold. It’s a unique experience being confronted with the true scale of natural wonders like this.



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*None of the pictures used above were captured by Austin Mann. You should definitely check out the gorgeous images he captured with the new iPhone on his website.*


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