The best way to see the Northern Lights in Iceland

The best way to see the Northern Lights in Iceland

In this short blog post I want to introduce to you what the Northern Lights are, the best way to see them in Iceland and how to enjoy this amazing phenomenon to the fullest.

The Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) are one of the most powerful attraction to go and visit Iceland. However they are highly unpredictable and many variables that affect and the biggest factor is luck.
The regions where the lights are visible is where the magnetic polar regions are, both in the northern and southern hemispheres.
Iceland´s location happens to be ideal to spot the Northern Lights and in recent years many tourist have made their way to the island in their search for them. Celebrating the northern lights

The lights are a result of electrically charged particles from the sun colliding with gaseous particles in the Earth´s atmosphere, causing displays of bright, colorful dancing lights. The lights can differ in color from white, green, pink and purple. We are so lucky here in Iceland that they regularly appear above us in the sky, dancing their colorful dance.

How and where can you see them?

The best season to see the Northern Lights in Iceland is from September until mid-April. A good darkness is an important factor to see the northern lights and therefore the darkest months, from November – February are ideal to head over to Iceland.

So where is the best area to see the Northern Lights? No one location is better than other but we do not recommend to wait for them in Reykjavik or other towns as the light pollution might affect your view of them. The countryside is perfect as there is good darkness and therefore if they are dancing in the sky you should have a good view of them.


Now the weather plays a big part as the skies need to be quite clear and that often is the case with some of the coldest night. If the temperature goes below freezing then the chance of a good view are higher and on the warmer nights it can be a bit of clouds. You can see the northern light prediction here.

The best way to enjoy the Northern Lights?

The best way to enjoy the experience of seeing the Northern Lights in our opinion is by renting a cottage or cabin in the countryside and enjoy a warm and cozy stay. There you can find full on darkness and silence to enjoy something spectacular. Imagine staying in a hot tub with the star bright sky above and the northern lights dancing around. This is what we would call the best seat for the show.

The length of your stay in the cottage is also an important factor to see the lights. To get the best odds of seeing them, then stay longer. We recommend a minimum of good three nights in one cottage or even splitting the stay up and stay in two different location, then you can enjoy what the surroundings offer during the day and hopefully see the lights in the night.

Now you just have to decide in what area you would like to stay and find the ideal property for the stay. Bungalo is a leading vacation rental in Iceland and has wide selection of cottages all around the island. Start you quest for the Northern Lights and book the accommodation here.

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