This is the Season for Northern Lights

When is the northern lights season in Iceland?

Autumn is in full swing here in Iceland and with longer, darker nights come increased chance of Aurora Borealis dancing above. In fact, even with the city lights of Reykjavík (keep in mind we’re not talking about Times Square, here) the northern lights have been spotted on a couple of occasions over the past weeks.

Word on the streets is that two huge solar flares shot out from the sun a couple days ago and will be lighting up Earth’s atmosphere tonight. While a negative side effect of G3-rated (that’s ‘strong’) geomagnetic storm is that it could play tricks with power and communications, the glorious result is a potentially brilliant display of colorful lights in the sky, depending on the weather conditions. The forecast for Iceland tonight hints at a pretty great display in store.

And, what’s that? This solar storm can cause the aurora borealis to be seen as far south as Pennsylvania? Well, that sounds like good news for all our friends in Canada, too!

The best places for viewing the full effect of the northern lights are in more remote areas, far from the light pollution of urban areas. You know, that sounds a lot like summerhouse territory!

There’s nothing better than spending an evening in a hot tub staring up at an emerald green light show. Don’t take out word for it, though; give it a try for yourself.

Here are some of our favourite snaps of the northern lights in action.

Bungalo Northern Lights
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StuffPoint NL
Image credit: Stuffpoint.com
Dramatic Auroras In Iceland
Image credit: Huffington Post
Image credit: Guide to Iceland
Time NL
Image credit: Time.com

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