5 Reasons to Rent a Cottage in Iceland

5 Reasons to rent a cottage in Iceland

When traveling abroad, you would normally start with deciding the period to travel and buying the appropriate flights. Then it is the most important task, which is choosing the accommodation for your stay.
In this short post I am going to convince you with 5 reasons to rent a cottage in Iceland is the way to stay when traveling in Iceland.

Reason 1: Great value

Price is one of the biggest factors when choosing the type of accommodation for the upcoming travel. Now, if you are looking for good value for your money, then booking a self-catering cottage can be an ideal option for you and your family. The prices can actually be so good that you could find a large cottage in some areas that are cheaper than hotel rooms.api (4)

Reason 2: Privacy
Another factor that gives cottages a great value is the privacy people can enjoy during their stay. Tenants can enjoy themselves without having to worry about complaints from neighbors. Staying up the whole night playing card games and not having to worry about waking up the people in the next room can be nice option.api (5)

Reason 3: Get in touch with nature
Imagine, instead of having traffic noise and sirens, you can have birds singing a lovely tune for you, while being on the porch in a Jacuzzi enjoying your favorite beverage. Already there in your mind? In the summer you can enjoy the never ending sunlight and then in the winter you can see the dance of the Northern Lights. Then if  you like hiking then there is a good possibility that the next hiking path is only a short walk away.
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Reason 4: Comfort
Cottages can differ substantially in price in an accordance to the quality and the facilities being offered. In Iceland it is very common to have a good porch where you can find a BBQ and even a hot tub. As there is a big variety of options to book, you can choose a property that suits your budget and needs.
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Reason 5: A home away from home

Many of the cottages available for rent are families second home and are rented to tourist to get an extra income for the family. These houses tend to be decorated nicely by the owner, giving the property a nice personality/character, making it feel like a home away from home.api (8)

Are these reasons good enough for you to stay in a cottage when you travel to Iceland? If yes then go ahead and find the perfect cottage for you on Bungalo.

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