Rainy Icelandic Days

It’s been a wet week here in Reykjavík. Actually, the entire country has been getting a good watering and the majority of Iceland’s modest population is likely enjoying their day indoors. Except for Westman Islanders. Those lucky sons of…

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But nasty weather is to be expected from time to time in Iceland, or anywhere else for that matter. At least here in Iceland there’s an old saying to keep the optimism up. It goes: If you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes. And it’s often true. Weather in Iceland seems to change with every gust of wind. Snow. Hail. Rain. Sun. Hail again.

It’s just one exciting thing about life in the North Atlantic.

You know what else is exciting? The fact that there is so much to do indoors and out, rain or shine. Here are a few things we like to do at the summmerhouse on a rainy (or snowy, or hail-y) day.

Read a good book
Icelanders are a book-loving people. I mean, they wrote the sagas and the country has spawned such literary greats as Halldór Laxness and Þórbergur Þórðarson. And the country churns out a tonne of writing for you to pick up and read — it’s the most published population per capita of anywhere on Earth. Or maybe you can use the inspiration of Icelandic nature to pen your own great novel…

Njáls Saga is a pretty decent read. Source

Tune into the radio
And while you’re listening to an Icelandic station of your choosing keep in mind that there was just one station until 1982, so your rainy day is awfully luxurious considering you have a few to choose from. Up to that time, state radio (RÁS) had a monopoly on the airwaves, but they introduced a second channel in ’82 (RÁS 2) to cater to the young’uns who were looking for something more than classical music and their grandma calling in to share whatever was on her mind with the talk-radio host.

Word to the wise: if you can get by in Icelandic the talk radio is often very entertaining.

Not specifically an Icelandic radio. Source

Watch some T.V.
If your summerhouse has a television set you could always turn it on or, if you’re particularly well equipped, pop in a DVD. Much like a wide selection of radio stations being a relatively recent development, so is regular television programming. The idea seems absurd to non-Icelanders (and, admittedly, to some natives), but there wasn’t any television programming on Thursdays until the late ’80’s. And up until then T.V. also took a break for the entire month of July! What did people stare at in July? The wall?

LazyTown is Icelandic! Source

Go outside!
So, it’s raining, or snowing, or windy, or any combination of the above. Get outside! Put on a hat, pour yourself a glass of wine (or another beverage of your choice) and hit the hot pots. Your summerhouse is very likely equipped with one right outside the door. And if it’s not, well every town has a swimming pool and most of those are outdoors and boast a warm, bubbling hot tub or two.

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Mt Hekla - Fjallabak Nature
Mt Hekla – Fjallabak Nature
Keldudalur 3
Keldudalur 3


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