Isn’t it magnificent?

Have you ever seen a whale breaching out of the ocean? Or marvelled at the size of a humpback’s tail as it slaps powerfully down on the water’s surface?Whale tail

It’s a magnificent site, and one that has become Húsavík’s claim to fame as the whale watching capital of Iceland. The little seaside town boasts a gorgeous harbour area, seemingly designed to maximize one’s potential enjoyment of the breathtaking bay, both from land and sea. Within a 5-minute sail from the harbour you can spot harbour porpoises, blue whales, humpbacks, and possibly other species out in the Skjálfandi bay.

Want to check out some great cottages near Húsavík?

And, if you can take your eyes off the water, a glimpse back to shore won’t disappoint, either, as the colourful homes and other buildings set a quaint and welcoming scene. In fact, another of Húsavík’s main draws is the charming Húsavíkukirkja, a wooden church erected in 1907 that stands on a hill above the town. The whole town is, well, cute.Town

Not a fan of whales and lovely old architecture? Well, your nearby summerhouse is just a short hop from Dettifoss, a skip away from Dimmuborgir, or a jump from Mývatn; three other powerhouses of Icelandic nature that dominate the North.

Or, you know, just relax in your summerhouse. You are on vacation, afterall.

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