Charming Icelandic Winter Cabins Covered in Snow

Ahh, winter. The days are short and dark, the air is crisp, the ground is covered in snow, and houses and trees twinkle with festive lights. It’s the perfect season to cosy up in a charming winter cabin in Iceland and enjoy sweeping views of the frozen Icelandic countryside.

Can you look at these inviting winter-time retreats without booking a getaway for yourself?

Helpful tip: see more pics and all the details about the properties below by clicking the images!

Faxi Summerhouse, in Selfoss
Summerhouse Faxi —Selfoss

Brattabrekka in Selfoss
Brattabrekka — Selfoss

Bjálkabær in Mosfellsbær
Bjálkabær by Heytjörn 1 — Mosfellsbær

Einsdæmi in Seyðisfjörður
Summerhouse 4

Eyjasól in Selfoss
Eyjasól 1  — Selfoss

Sorlatunga in Hella
Sorlatunga — Hella

Knarrarholt in Selfoss
Summerhouse 7

Bonus pic: So, there’s no snow in this one, but another wintertime staple in Iceland is the northern lights, so we couldn’t resist posting this summerhouse on the stunning Snæfellsnes peninsula.
Summerhouse 8

You know what else looks lovely in the snow? Icelandic horses! Check back soon for more about these gorgeous creatures and where in Iceland you can see them up close and personal!

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