Bungalo Christmas Giveaway Day 8 — Searching for the Skyr Gobbler

Illustration by Tiago Forte

Illustration by Tiago Forte
Illustration by Tiago Forte

Over in Seyðisfjörður, way out east,
Skyrgámur indulges in a dairy feast.

Blueberry, vanilla, banana or plain,
skyr is the top of this Yule Lad’s food chain.

Leave out some skyr and he’ll leave you a treat,
maybe even a stay in a summerhouse retreat!

Skyrgámur (Skyr Gobbler) is eating himself into a skyr coma in a gorgeous summerhouse in East Iceland. If he isn’t too full to move on from his current hiding spot, he’ll be making his way around the country, giving treats and potatoes to boys and girls, and a little something special for one lucky summerhouse fan. But where exactly is Skyrgámur? Find the answer in the text above and then tell us where he is for your chance to win a $200 Bungalo gift certificate.

We’ve teamed up with each of the Yule Lads to give out a $200 gift certificate every day before Christmas… and everybody’s a winner, so read more about the game and check out Bungalo’s Facebook page every day to get in on all the Jólasveinn fun!

Psst… even if you don’t win the big daily prize, you’ll still get something from Bungalo. All of our gift certificates are discounted during the Yule Lads giveaway. Just play the game to get a discount code and save on a relaxing getaway in the Canadian or Icelandic summerhouse, chalet, or cottage of your dreams!

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