Bungalo Christmas Giveaway Day 6 — a Yule Lad under the bed…

Askasleikir in HusavikThe idea of someone lurking under your bed,
may very likely fill you with dread.

Askasleikir will creep ‘neath you mattress tonight,
to steal your bowl, if you don’t hold it tight.

But for now he’s resting on his way down from his peak,
in a summerhouse not far from Húsavík.

Presumably, Askasleikir is laying back on top of a bed rather than under it while it rests up before a big night ahead filling shoes with treats… or potatoes. Tell us where he is and you could win! Bungalo has teamed up with the Yule Lads to give out a $200 gift certificate every day before Christmas… but everybody’s a winner, so you should read more about the game and check out Bungalo’s Facebook page every day to get in on all the Jólasveinn fun!

Check out some other summerhouses near where Askasleikir is currently hiding:

Cottage 3 Cottage 2 Cottage 1



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