Bungalo Christmas Giveaway Day 5 — Pottaskefill, where are you?

Pottaskefill at Nupur Summerhouse
Illustration by Tiago Forte

Up in the Westfjörds, licking clean some pots,
Pottaskefill’s relaxing in one of Iceland’s most beautiful spots.

With long stretches of mountains, along each side of the fjord,
there’s so much to take in that he’ll never get bored.

To move on from Núpur will be very hard,
But he’s got to get moving to giveaway the next gift card.

Where is Pottaskefill kicking back on his way down from the mountains? Bungalo has teamed up with the Yule Lads to give out a $200 gift certificate every day before Christmas… but everybody’s a winner, so you should read more about the game and check out Bungalo’s Facebook page every day to get in on all the Jólasveinn fun!

Pottaskefill has found himself a gorgeous summerhouse from Bungalo to crash at before making the rounds filling shoes with goodies or potatoes. Check out some of these places in the same stunning neck of the woods.

Hvilft 2 Summerhouse 2 Sudavik

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