Bungalo Christmas Giveaway Day 3 — Stúfur… oh, Stúfur…

illustration by Tiago Forte
illustration by Tiago Forte

Though Stúfur’s really short, he’s not very sweet.
And he’ll pick at your pans for something to eat.

The third of the lads making his way into town.
Will what he leaves in your shoe cause a smile, or a frown?

If you want today’s gift card, finding Stúfur is key.
He’s stopped to snap selfies in Ásbyrgi.

Do you know where Stúfur is hiding today? Bungalo has teamed up with the Yule Lads to give out a $200 gift certificate every day before Christmas… but everybody’s a winner, so you should read more about the game and check out Bungalo’s Facebook page every day to get in on all the Jólasveinn fun!

Where would you go with a $200 gift certificate to spend? Maybe one of these summerhouses nearby Stúfur’s current location?

Fonnin Husavik Aurora guesthouse

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