Bungalo Christmas Giveaway Day 13 — The final search for Kertasníkir

Illustration by Tiago Forte

Illustration by Tiago Forte
Illustration by Tiago Forte

Eating candles left and right,
non-stop mischief through the night.

The final Yule Lad is coming to town,
So turn that frown upside-down.

He’s up in Skagafjörður watching the sun rise,
don’t forget to put out your shoe if you want a surprise.

The final Yule Lad, Kertasníkir (Candle Stealer), will be following any and all children who dare to venture out by candle light this evening. He’ll swipe their candles for a waxy snack. Yum? But before he gets up to his usual mischief tonight, he’s laying low at a cosy summerhouse in the North. He’s got one final $200 Bungalo gift certificate in his pocket, so if you can tell us where he is it could be yours to put toward a cosy getaway in Canada, Sweden, or Iceland.

We teamed up with the Yule Lads and have been giving out a $200 Bungalo gift certificate daily with the arrival of each lad. There’s only one gift certificate left, so be sure to participate — even if you don’t win the big daily prize, you’ll be given a discount code to get a sweet deal on purchasing a gift certificate. Give the gift of cosy this holiday season! Read more about the game and check out Bungalo’s Facebook page to get in on the Jólasveinn fun!

Check out some other summerhouses not far from where Kertasníkir is currently staying (click the images to see the full listing):

Cottage 3 Cottage 2 Cottage 1

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