Bungalo Christmas Giveaway Day 1 — Where’s Stekkjarstaur?

Illustration by Tiago Forte

Illustration by Tiago Forte
Illustration by Tiago Forte

With two stiff wooden legs, down the mountain he does creep,
putting gifts in your shoes and harassing your sheep.

After a long night of mischief, keeping the lambs wide awake,
Stekkjarstaur’s relaxing at the famed Mývatn lake.

Did he bring you a present? Check in your shoe.
He’s the first bearing gifts from from the Jólasveinn crew.

So where is Stekkjarstaur lurking? Click here to read more about Iceland’s Jólasveinn and the $200 Bungalo gift certificates they’re bringing each day to lucky fans of Bungalo! And click the pics below to check out these gorgeous summerhouses around the same northern lake Stekkjarstaur is enjoying…


Myvatn 3 Myvatn 2 Hlid 1



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